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Appeal Period
The Final EAs,and signed Decision Records, and Finding of No Significant Impacts have been posted on the respective eplanning sites. The Final EAs were modified as a result of some protest contentions.
The protest decisions have been posted on September 4, 2019. This initiates a 30-day appeal period.

Supporting Documents
Supporting Documents for the Lease Sale, such as the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) consultation and Fish and Wildlife Service Consultation/Coordination will be maintained at this site.  Supporting Documents for the 116 Parcels moved from the December 2018 sale can be found 

On July 24, 2019, the BLM responded to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation's opinion on the March 2019 Oil and Gas Lease Sale. The document is posted below.

Additionally, the 2018 BLM Utah Annual Air Monitoring Report has been published and is also located on eplanning. It can be located at https://eplanning.blm.gov/epl-front-office/projects/lup/101390/170567/207199/2018_BLM_Utah_Air_Monitoring_Report_-_Final.pdf

BLM Protest Responses
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
2019-05-01-Mar19-Farmland Reserve-SLFO-eSigned 05/03/2019 2019-05-01-Mar19-Farmland Reserve-SLFO-eSigned.pdf (47 KB)     
2019-05-01-Mar19-SUWA- MtFO-eSigned 05/03/2019 2019-05-01-Mar19-SUWA- MtFO-eSigned.pdf (46 KB)     
2019-05-01-Mar19-NPCA-MtFO-eSigned 05/03/2019 2019-05-01-Mar19-NPCA-MtFO-eSigned.pdf (47 KB)     
2019-05-01-Mar19-FOCM-MtFO-eSigned 05/03/2019 2019-05-01-Mar19-FOCM-MtFO-eSigned.pdf (46 KB)     
2019-05-01-Mar19-POA-MtFO_eSigned 05/03/2019 2019-05-01-Mar19-POA-MtFO_eSigned.pdf (46 KB)     
2019-05-01-Mar19-Trout Unlimited-PFO -VFO-eSigned 05/03/2019 2019-05-01-Mar19-Trout Unlimited-PFO -VFO-eSigned.pdf (48 KB)     
2019-09-03-SLFO NPCA final 09/04/2019 2019-09-03-SLFO NPCA final.pdf (70 KB)     
2019-09-03-SUWA VFO-FINAL 09/04/2019 2019-09-03-SUWA VFO-FINAL.pdf (131 KB)     
2019-09-03-SUWA-SLFO-FINAL 09/04/2019 2019-09-03-SUWA-SLFO-FINAL.pdf (94 KB)     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Farmland Reserve Protest 03/13/2019 2019-03-01 Farmland Reserve.pdf (456 KB)     
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance Protest - Monticello 03/13/2019 2019-03-01 -SUWA Protest Monticello.pdf (827 KB)     
National Parks Conservation Association Protest - Monticello 03/13/2019 2019-03-01 NPCA Monticello.pdf (1493 KB)     
National Parks Conservation Association - Boxelder County 03/13/2019 2019-03-01 NPCA Boxelder.pdf (1357 KB)     
Pueblo of Acoma Protest 03/13/2019 2019-03-01 P0A Protest.pdf (5287 KB)     
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance Protest - Boxelder 03/13/2019 2019-03-01 SUWA Boxelder.pdf (7970 KB)     
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance Protest - Vernal Field Office 03/13/2019 2019-03-01 SUWA VFO Protest.pdf (11089 KB)     
Trout Unlimited Protest 03/13/2019 2019-03-01 TU Protest .pdf (3071 KB)     

ACHP Packet
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
March 2019 Lease Sale Cultural Resource Report_REDACTED 03/27/2019 March 2019 Lease Sale Cultural Resource Report_REDACTED.pdf (7521 KB)     
20181129_March2019 Lease Sale 03/27/2019 20181129_March2019 Lease Sale.pdf (2836 KB)     
20181210_March2019LeaseSale_Hopi_and VFOResponse 03/27/2019 20181210_March2019LeaseSale_Hopi_and VFOResponse.pdf (261 KB)     
2018_01_25_March2019 OG SUWA comments 03/27/2019 2018_02_13_March2019 OG SUWA comments_response.pdf (962 KB)     
2018-02-13_March2019 OG SUWA comment Response 03/27/2019 2018-02-13_March2019 OG SUWA comments.pdf (341 KB)     
2019-01-10_SanJuanCounty_LeaseConcurrence 03/27/2019 2019-01-10_SanJuanCounty_LeaseConcurrence.pdf (31 KB)     
2019-03-20_Mar2019 OG FCM comments_Redacted 03/27/2019 2019-03-20_Mar2019 OG FCM comments_Redacted.pdf (336 KB)     
2019-03-20_March2019 OG FCM comments_response 03/27/2019 2019-03-20_March2019 OG FCM comments_response.pdf (399 KB)     
2019-09-25_March-2019_SHPO_Concurrence 03/27/2019 2019-09-25_March-2019_SHPO_Concurrence.pdf (83 KB)     
20190326_MarchLeaseSale_TribalConsultation_Log_Monticello 03/27/2019 20190326_MarchLeaseSale_TribalConsultation_Log_Monticello.pdf (130 KB)     
BLM_ConsultationRequest 03/27/2019 BLM_ConsultationRequest.pdf (95 KB)     
Hopi Response - 11-14-18 03/27/2019 Hopi Response - 11-14-18.pdf (102 KB)     
Hopi Response - 2-4-19 03/27/2019 Hopi Response - 2-4-19.pdf (91 KB)     
SLFO March 2019 OG Tribal Consulation letter 11-7-18 03/27/2019 SLFO March 2019 OG Tribal Consulation letter 11-7-18.pdf (135 KB)     
ACHP Consultation Response 04/30/2019 ACHP_RESPONSE_ut.blm.utah so.oil and gas lease sale march 2019.con.20190426.pdf (223 KB)     
July 24, 2019 BLM Response to ACHP 07/29/2019 BLM ACHP Response Signed.pdf (213 KB)     

FWS Coordination
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Email from BLM to FWS Initiating Coordination 11/16/2018 2018-10-26 - GIS Shape Files for the March 2019 Oil and Gas Lease Sale.pdf (1894 KB)     
Fish and Wildlife Service Concurrence 01/30/2019 2018-11-28_Signed concurrence December 2018 Oil and Gas Lease Sale.pdf (1930 KB)     

March 2019 Lease Sale Results
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
2019 Lease Sale Results 03/26/2019 1SALERESULTS.pdf (33 KB)     
Available Non-Competitively 03/26/2019 2AvailableNonComp.pdf (15 KB)     
Bidders List 03/26/2019 3BiddersList.pdf (22 KB)     
Utah Sale Results Summary 2019 March Lease Sale 03/26/2019 4UtahSaleResultsSummary.pdf (15 KB)     
Utah Competitive Stats 03/26/2019 5UtahCompStats.pdf (15 KB)     

Notice of Competitive Lease Sale
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Notice of Competitive Lease Sale 01/30/2019  (4 Files)    
Errata 02/28/2019 March2019Errata1_2-28-19.pdf (77 KB)     
Errata 2 03/19/2019 March2019 Errata 2 updated_3-19-19 (79 KB)     
Errata 3 03/22/2019 March2019Errata3_3-22-19.pdf (610 KB)