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The Proposed Action is to lease 114 nominated parcels of federal minerals administered by the Bureau of Land Management New Mexico. Standard terms and conditions would apply as well as the lease stipulations listed in the BLM Carlsbad, Farmington, Oklahoma, Rio Puerco, and Roswell Resource Management Plans (as amended) and the Bureau of Reclamation Lease Stipulations for Federal Oil and Gas Lease Offerings.

Once sold, the lease purchaser has the exclusive right to use as much of the leased lands as is necessary to explore and drill oil and gas within the lease boundaries, subject to the stipulations attached to the lease (43 CFR 3101.1-2).

Oil and gas leases are issued for a 10-year period and continue for as long thereafter as oil or gas is produced in paying quantities. If a lessee fails to produce oil and gas, does not make annual rental payments, does not comply with the terms and conditions of the lease, or relinquishes the lease, exclusive right to develop the leasehold reverts to the federal government and the lease can be re-offered in another sale. Drilling of wells on a lease is not permitted until the lease owner or operator secures approval of a drilling permit and a surface use plan specified under Onshore Oil and Gas Orders and as described in 43 CFR 3162.

A permit to drill would not be authorized until site-specific NEPA analysis is conducted. Site specific mitigation measures and Best Management Practices (BMPs) would be attached as Conditions of Approval (COAs) for each proposed exploration and development activity authorized on a lease.