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To view the March 2019 O&G Lease Sale Parcels click HERE, or navigate to the Maps tab on the left side of this page.  

Protests for the March 2019 Competitive Oil & Gas Sale must be received by 4:00 P.M. on February 22, 2019

The BLM Colorado State Office must receive a protest no later than close of business on the 10th calendar day after the posting of the notice of the lease sale. No protests should be received by BLM District or Field Offices. All protests must be received by the Colorado State Office, located at 2850 Youngfield St., Lakewood, CO 80215. If the State Office is not open on the 10th day after the posting of the sale notice, a protest received on the next day our office is open to the public will be considered timely filed. Close of business for the Colorado State office is 4 p.m. which is when the Information Center (Public Room) closes. The protest must also include a statement of reasons to support the protest. We will dismiss a late-filed protest or a protest filed without a statement of reasons.

You may file a protest in hardcopy form, by mail or by telefax directly to the BLM Colorado State Office. The BLM will not accept a protest transmitted electronically (e.g., by email, or social media means).  Even if the BLM has previously corresponded with you by email, or social media means. A protest filed by fax must be sent to
*(303) 239-3808*. A protest sent to a fax number other than the fax number identified or a protest filed by electronic mail will be dismissed.

A protest must state the interest of the protesting party, their mailing address, and reference the specific COC 5-digit serial number being protested. We will dismiss a protest listing the internal 4-digit parcel ID number.
If the party signing the protest is doing so on behalf of an association, partnership or corporation, the signing party must reveal the relationship between them. For example, unless an environmental group authorizes an individual member of its group to act for it, the individual cannot make a protest in the group’s name. 

Protests received after that time or by other methods will not be accepted.
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15-Day Scoping Period October 1, 2018-October 16, 2018
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
All_Parcels_Scoping_Parcel_List_March2019 10/01/2018 All_Parcels_Scoping_Parcel_List_March2019.pdf (161 KB)     
All_Parcels_PDF_Maps_Scoping_March2019 10/01/2018 All_Parcels_PDF_Maps_Scoping_March2019.pdf (19920 KB)     
All_Parcels_Shapefile_Scoping_March2019 10/01/2018 All_Parcels_Shapefile_Scoping_March2019.zip (27 KB)     
All_Parcels_Google_Maps_Scoping_March2019 10/01/2018 All_Parcels_Google_Maps_Scoping_March2019.kmz (11 KB)     
CRV_GJFO_Scoping_Parcel_List_&_Maps_March2019 10/01/2018 CRV_GJFO_Scoping_Parcel_List_&_Maps_March2019.pdf (6340 KB)     
RGFO_Scoping_Parcel_List_&_Map_March2019 10/01/2018 RGFO_Scoping_Parcel_List_&_Map_March2019.pdf (2891 KB)     
WR_LS_KFO_Scoping_Parcel_List_&_Maps_March2019 10/01/2018 WR_LS_KFO_Scoping_Parcel_List_&_Maps_March2019.pdf (11336 KB)     

30-Day Comment Period November 13 - December 14, 2018
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Shapefile_Comment_March2019 11/13/2018 Shapefile_Comment_March2019.zip (28 KB)     
PDF_Maps_Comment_March2019 11/13/2018 PDF_Maps_Comment_March2019.pdf (26218 KB)     
Google_Maps_Comment_March2019 11/13/2018 Google_Maps_Comment_March2019.kmz (13 KB)     

10 Day Sale Notice & Protest Period February 12 - February 22, 2019
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Sale_Notice_March2019 02/12/2019 Sale_Notice_March2019.pdf (259 KB)     
Addendum_1_March2019 02/12/2019 Addendum_1_March2019.pdf (73 KB)     
All_Parcels_PDF_Maps_Protest_March2019 02/12/2019 All_Parcels_PDF_Maps_Protest_March2019.pdf (21484 KB)     
All_Parcels_Google_Map_Protest_March2019 02/12/2019 All_Parcels_Google_Map_Protest_March2019.kmz (13 KB)     
All_Parcels_Shapefile_Protest_March2019 02/12/2019 All_Parcels_Shapefile_Protest_March2019.zip (28 KB)