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Comment Periods
The public protest period ends August 6, 2018, at 4:30 p.m. Protests must be submitted to the BLM Utah State Office, 440 West 200 South, Suite 500, Salt Lake City, UT 84101or faxed to Sheri Wysong at (801) 539-4237.

The Project Page for the Fillmore Field Office EA can be found at the following link:  http://go.usa.gov/xQrVx
The Project Page for the Salt Lake  Field Office EA can be found at the following link:  http://go.usa.gov/xQYqy
GIS Shape files can be found in the "data" page for this project page and on the project pages for the individual EAs.
Notice of Competitive Lease Sale
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Notice of Competitive Lease Sale 07/26/2018  (4 Files)    
Maps 07/26/2018  (12 Files)    

Price - Richfield EA - Protest Version
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Price - Richfield Environmental Assessment 07/26/2018 2018-07-26 - Leasing EA Price_Richfield.pdf (3126 KB)     
Unsigned Finding of No Significant Impact 07/26/2018 2018-07-26 - December 2018 PFO RFO Unsigned FONSI.pdf (68 KB)     

Fillmore and Salt Lake Field Office EAs
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Fillmore Field Office Environmental Assessment 07/26/2018 2018-07-26 - September_2018_Fillmore_Oil_and_Gas_Lease_EA.pdf (3978 KB)     
Salt Lake Field Office Environmental Assessment 07/26/2018 2018-07-26 - Sep18_SLFO_OG_EA_7-25-18.pdf (3852 KB)     

USFWS Consultation-Coordination
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Concurrence with RFO Parcels 08/10/2018 2018-07-23 RFO Informal Consultation Concurrence OCR.pdf (3481 KB)     

ACHP Submission
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
2018.04.25_Email_SouthernUteResponse 08/10/2018 2018.04.25_Email_SouthernUteResponse.pdf (197 KB)     
2018.04.13_Email_Hopi 08/10/2018 2018.04.13_Email_Hopi.pdf (110 KB)     
2018.05.09_Email_EmeryCo 08/10/2018 2018.05.09_Email_EmeryCo.pdf (62 KB)     
2018.05.11_Email_RFO_WayneCo 08/10/2018 2018.05.11_Email_RFO_WayneCo.pdf (258 KB)     
2018.07.02_Email_URARAComments_Redacted 08/10/2018 2018.07.02_Email_URARAComments_Redacted.pdf (111 KB)     
SHPO Response 08/10/2018 SHPO Response.pdf (63 KB)     
Appendix A_compressed 08/10/2018 Appendix A_compressed.pdf (15770 KB)     
Appendix B 08/10/2018 Appendix B - Previous Development_compressed.pdf (15335 KB)     
Appendix C_compressed 08/10/2018 Appendix C_compressed.pdf (1086 KB)     
21018.07.23_HopiResponse1 08/10/2018 21018.07.23_HopiResponse1.pdf (982 KB)     
2018.08 Price Ritchfield Report_Redacted 08/10/2018 2018.08 Price Ritchfield Report_Redacted.pdf (1011 KB)     
2018.07.01_UPAC_ConsultLetter 08/10/2018 2018.07.01_UPAC_ConsultLetter.pdf (147 KB)     
2018.07.02_Email_SUWAComments 08/10/2018 2018.07.02_Email_SUWAComments.pdf (3018 KB)     
September 2018 Oil and Gas Lease Sale ACHP Response 09/11/2018 BLM, UT, September Oil Lease Sale, Carbon and Wayne Counties.pdf (1720 KB)     

Scoping Comments on Price-Richfield EA
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance 07/27/2018 2018-04-16 - SUWA et al - Scoping comments on PFO Sept 2018 lease sale.pdf (137 KB)     
Public Lands Policy Coordination Office 07/27/2018 2016-04-16 - PLPCO  Scoping Comment Letter Emery County.pdf (63 KB)     
Trout Unlimited 07/27/2018 2018-04-16 - Cathy Purvis - TU.pdf (5332 KB)     
National Parks Conservation Association 07/27/2018  (2 Files)    
National Park Service 07/27/2018 2018-04-20 -  2018 Oil and Gas Lease Sale - NPS Scoping Comments.pdf (49 KB)     
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources 07/27/2018 2018-04-20 - UDWR Sept 2018 Lease Sale Price FO.pdf (33 KB)     
Supplemental Scoping Comments 07/27/2018 2018-06-18 - San Rafael Desert Oil and Gas Leasing Activity Plan Proposal -- submitted 6-28-18.pdf (173 KB)     

Scoping Document
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Request for Scoping Comments 03/30/2018  (2 Files)    

Preliminary Environmental Assessments
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Fillmore Field Office EA 03/30/2018 2018-03-29 Sep 18 FFO OG Draft EA.pdf (4087 KB)     
Salt Lake Field Office EA 03/30/2018 Sep18 SLFO OG EA 3-29-18.pdf (3788 KB)