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Documents & Reports 
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument/ Kanab-Escalante Planning Area
The BLM initiated a 90-day comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Resource Management Plans (RMPs) for the GSENM and for Federal lands previously included in the GSENM that are now identified as the Kanab-Escalante Planning Area on Aug. 17 through a notice of availability published in the Federal Register.

To submit a comment through this website, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and find Volume I GSENM-KEPA RMPs-EIS in the list of documents. Click on the "Comment on Document" button next to Volume I GSENM-KEPA RMPs-EIS. A new window will open that will guide you through the commenting process. 

Comments may also be mailed to: 669 S Hwy 89A Kanab, UT 84741

Comments must be submitted on or before November 30, 2018, or 15 days after the last public meeting is held, whichever is later.
Federal Register Notice
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Federal Register Notice 01/16/2018 2018-00518 GSENM NOI 01162018.pdf (210 KB)     
Notice of Socio-Economic Comments - ends June 8, 2018 06/01/2018 Notice of Socio-Economic Comments.docx (12 KB)     
Federal Register Notice of Availability 8.17.2018 08/17/2018 FedReg_NOA_08_17_2018-17751.pdf (200 KB)     
Federal Register Notice of Error 8.31.2018 08/31/2018 FedReg_NOE_08_31_2018-19000.pdf (194 KB)     

Presidential Proclamation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Presidential Proclamation Modifying the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument 12/08/2017 2017-26714.pdf (1745 KB)     
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Modification 12/06/2017 gsenm_12022017.pdf (1896 KB)     

Public Scoping Press Release and Invitation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Monument Scoping Meeting Press Release 03/09/2018  (2 Files)    
Hosting Economic Strategies Workshop 05/21/2018 180522 - BLM to host Economic Strategies Workshop Final PR.pdf (208 KB)     
Press Release for Public Meetings 09/21/2018 180919 - GSENM_BLM hosts public meetings_508.pdf (201 KB)     

Scoping Meeting Materials
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
GSENM New Boundary_Planning Area 04/04/2018 GSENM_Brochure_NewBoundary_PlanArea_03142018_508.pdf (17813 KB)     
Travel Management Handout 04/04/2018 GSENM Travel Handout_3-19-18_508.pdf (371 KB)     
Scoping Meeting Station Handout 04/04/2018 GSENM Info Station Handout 3-20-18_rev_4-2-18_508.pdf (116 KB)     
Cultural and Paleontological Resources 04/04/2018 GSENM Cultural and Paleontological Resources_3-19-18_508.pdf (275 KB)     
Cultural and Paleo Resources Poster 04/05/2018 Cultural and Paleo Resources Poster (25595 KB)     
Livestock Grazing Poster 04/05/2018 Livestock Grazing Poster (23209 KB)     
Mineral Resources Poster 04/05/2018 Mineral Resources Poster (21113 KB)     
National Conservation Lands Poster 04/05/2018 National Conservation Lands Poster (34798 KB)     
Planning Process and Public Involvement Poster 04/05/2018 Planning Process and Public Involvement Poster (2009 KB)     
Planning Units and Land Status Poster 04/05/2018 Planning Units and Land Status Poster (5610 KB)     
Recreation Management Poster 04/05/2018 Recreation Management Poster (20842 KB)     
Travel Management Poster 04/05/2018 Travel Management Poster (21305 KB)     

Lands with Wilderness Characteristics
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
GSENM_FiftyMile_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_FiftyMile_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed.pdf (3634 KB)     
GSENM_KFO_BurningHills_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_KFO_BurningHills_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (4881 KB)     
GSENM_KFO_CarcassCanyon_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_KFO_CarcassCanyon_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (2801 KB)     
GSENM_KFO_DeathRidge_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_KFO_DeathRidge_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (3913 KB)     
GSENM_KFO_GlassEyeCanyonPacket_FINAL_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_KFO_GlassEyeCanyonPacket_FINAL_Signed.pdf (14299 KB)     
GSENM_KFO_HenrievilleCreek_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_KFO_HenrievilleCreek_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed.pdf (8169 KB)     
GSENM_KFO_NephiWash_LWCInventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_KFO_NephiWash_LWCInventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed.pdf (6470 KB)     
GSENM_KFO_NippleBench_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_KFO_NippleBench_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (2548 KB)     
GSENM_KFO_SteepCreek_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_KFO_SteepCreek_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed.pdf (1607 KB)     
GSENM_KFO_TheBlues_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_KFO_TheBlues_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed.pdf (9517 KB)     
GSENM_KFO_TimberMountain_InventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_KFO_TimberMountain_InventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed.pdf (14617 KB)     
GSENM_KFO_UpperKanabCreek_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_KFO_UpperKanabCreek_Final_Signed.pdf (23329 KB)     
GSENM_LadderCanyon_LWCInventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_LadderCanyon_LWCInventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed.pdf (5035 KB)     
GSENM_MudSpringCanyonE_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_MudSpringCanyonE_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed.pdf (2575 KB)     
GSENM_NephiPasture_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 GSENM_NephiPasture_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (2575 KB)     
KFO_BrinkerhoffFlats_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_BrinkerhoffFlats_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (3646 KB)     
KFO_BuckskinMountain_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_BuckskinMountain_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (7256 KB)     
KFO_Cockscomb_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_Cockscomb_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (4040 KB)     
KFO_FiveMileMountain_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_FiveMileMountain_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (4806 KB)     
KFO_HouseRock_LWCForm_FINAL_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_HouseRock_LWCForm_FINAL_Signed.pdf (5284 KB)     
KFO_Lampstand_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_Lampstand_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (4000 KB)     
KFO_MudSpringCanyonW_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_2Signatures 08/17/2018 KFO_MudSpringCanyonW_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_2Signatures.pdf (491 KB)     
KFO_MuleyTwist_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_MuleyTwist_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (2669 KB)     
KFO_NewPariaRoad_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_NewPariaRoad_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (3415 KB)     
KFO_PariaCanyon_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_PariaCanyon_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (5027 KB)     
KFO_PineHollow_LWCInventory_FINAL_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_PineHollow_LWCInventory_FINAL_Signed.pdf (7080 KB)     
KFO_PioneerMesa_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_PioneerMesa_LWCInventoryPacket_Final_Signed.pdf (2749 KB)     
KFO_RockCove_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_RockCove_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (3651 KB)     
KFO_SeamanWash_InventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed_Errata 08/17/2018 KFO_SeamanWash_InventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed_Errata.pdf (6914 KB)     
KFO_SquawCreek_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_SquawCreek_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (1947 KB)     
KFO_Telegraph Flat_InventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_Telegraph Flat_InventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed.pdf (3081 KB)     
KFO_TelegraphWash_InventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_TelegraphWash_InventoryPacket_FINAL_Signed.pdf (12851 KB)     
KFO_Wahweap_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_Wahweap_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (3826 KB)     
KFO_WhiteHouse_LWCForm_Final_Signed 08/17/2018 KFO_WhiteHouse_LWCForm_Final_Signed.pdf (3061 KB)     

Analysis of Management Situation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Analysis of Management Situation 08/15/2018 GSKRMP_Analysis of Mngt Situation_2018_0711_508.pdf (21933 KB)     

Mineral Potential Report
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Mineral Potential Report - Kanab Escalante Planning Area 08/15/2018 GSKRMP_Mineral Potential Report_508.pdf (6458 KB)     

Scoping Report
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Scoping Report 08/15/2018 GSENM-KFO_Scoping_Report_07312018_508.pdf (3328 KB)     

Draft RMPs and EIS
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Press Release 8.15.2018 08/15/2018 GSENM-KEPA_NewsRelease_UPDATED_081418_UT912.pdf (514 KB)     
GSENM-KEPA_Draft RMPs_EIS_Errata Sheet-508 08/30/2018 GSENM-KEPA_Draft RMPs_EIS_Errata Sheet-508.pdf (313 KB)     
GSENM-KEPA_Executive Summary-508 08/30/2018 GSENM-KEPA_Executive Summary-508.pdf (5778 KB)     
GSENM-KEPA_RMPs-EIS_Vol_1-508 08/30/2018 GSENM-KEPA_RMPs-EIS_Vol_1-508.pdf (7738 KB)  Open (08/17/2018 - 11/30/2018 ) 
Obsolete Draft 08/15/2018 _GSENM-KEPA_RMPs-EIS_Vol_1-508_r.pdf (4386 KB)     
GSENM-KEPA_RMPs-EIS_Vol_2-508 08/30/2018 GSENM-KEPA_RMPs-EIS_Vol_2-508.pdf (28550 KB)     
Notice of Availability 09/10/2018 GSENM-KEPA DEIS Notice of Availability Ltr 9-5-18.pdf (37 KB)     

Draft EIS Public Meeting Board
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Draft EIS Public Meeting Board 1 Process 10/15/2018 GSKRMP_Board_1_Process_2018_1002_508.pdf (9069 KB)     
Draft EIS Board 2 Timeline 10/15/2018 GSKRMP_Board_2_Timeline_2018_1002_508.pdf (4496 KB)     
Draft EIS Public Meeting Board 3 Alternatives 10/15/2018 GSKRMP_Board_3_Alts_2018_1002_508.pdf (7725 KB)     
Draft EIS Public Meeting Board 4 Paleontology/Cultural 10/15/2018 GSKRMP_Board_4_Paleo_2018_1002_508.pdf (7981 KB)     
Draft EIS Public Meeting Board 5 Recreation/Transportation 10/15/2018 GSKRMP_Board_5_Rec_Trans_2018_1002_508.pdf (7222 KB)     
Draft EIS Public Meeting Board 6 ACEC/Visual 10/15/2018 GSKRMP_Board_6_ACEC_2018_1002_508.pdf (6144 KB)     
Draft EIS Public Meeting Board 8 Grazing/Veg 10/15/2018 GSKRMP_Board_8_Grazing_Veg_2018_1002_508.pdf (6090 KB)     
Draft EIS Public Meeting Summary Brochure 10/16/2018 GSKRMP_Brochure_2018_1002_508.pdf (3934 KB)     
Draft EIS Public Meeting Board 7 Minerals 10/18/2018 GSKRMP_Board_7_Mineral_DEISRMP_2018_Final.pdf (3755 KB)