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Documents & Reports 
Federal Register Notice
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Federal Register Notice 01/16/2018 2018-00520 BENM NOI 01162018.pdf (213 KB)     
Federal Register BLM Notice of Availability-DEIS 08/17/2018 2018-08-17 FRN Bears Ears NOA 2018-17750.pdf (191 KB)     
Federal Register EPA Listing of Notices - NOA DEIS 08/17/2018 2018-17-08 FR-2018-08-17-EPA Notices.pdf (47 KB)     
Federal Register Call for Nominations for Monument Advisory Committee 08/30/2018 BENM MAC Federal Register 2018-18825.pdf (186 KB)     

Presidential Proclamation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Presidential Proclamation Modifying the Bears Ears National Monument 12/08/2017 2017-26709.pdf (1956 KB)     
Bears Ears National Monument Boundary Modification 12/08/2017 benm_12012017.pdf (653 KB)     

Scoping Meeting Materials
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Scoping Meeing Mineral Resource Handout 03/26/2018 BENM_Handout_Mineral Resources_3-19-18.pdf (194 KB)     
Scoping Meeting Rangeland Management 03/26/2018 BENM_Handout_Rangeland_Mgmt_03-20-2018 - IC table corrected.pdf (349 KB)     
Scoping Meeting Woodcutting Handout 03/26/2018 BENM_Handout_Woodcutting_3-19-18.pdf (211 KB)     
Scoping Meeing Handout Travel Management 03/26/2018 BENM-Handout -Travel Management_3-19-18.pdf (420 KB)     
Scoping Meeting Handout Cultural Resources 03/26/2018 BENM_Handout_Cultural Resource Projects 3-20-2018.pdf (356 KB)     
Livestock Grazing Map-Indian Creek Unit 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_LivestockGrazingIndianCreek_3.11.2018.pdf (1228 KB)     
Livestock Grazing Map-Shash Jaa 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_LivestockGrazingShashJaa_3.11.2018.pdf (1160 KB)     
Cultural Resources Map - Indian Creek 03/26/2018 BENM_24Xx36_Portrait_CulturalResourcesIndianCreekUnit_3.12.2018.pdf (959 KB)     
Cultural Resources Map-Shash Jaa 03/26/2018 BENM_24Xx36_Portrait_CulturalResourcesShashJaaUnit_3.12.2018.pdf (889 KB)     
Cultural Resources Information Board 03/26/2018 BENM_24Xx36_Portrait_CulturalResourcesText_3.12.2018.pdf (896 KB)     
Recreation Map - Indian Creek 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_RecreationManagementIndianCreekUnit_3.11.2018.pdf (925 KB)     
Recreation Map - Shash Jaa 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_RecreationManagementShashJaaUnit_3.11.2018.pdf (876 KB)     
Recreation Visitor Services 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_RecreationandVisitorServices_3..pdf (968 KB)     
Summary of Current Recreation Management Decisions from the Monticello RMP 03/29/2018 BENM Current Recreation Management Summary.pdf (122 KB)     
Travel Management - Indian Creek 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_TravelManagementIndianCreek_3.11.2018.pdf (1031 KB)     
Travel Management - Shash Jaa 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_TravelManagementShashJaaUnit_3.11.2018.pdf (1016 KB)     
Overview Map of Indian Creek and Shash Jaa Units 03/26/2018 BENM_34Xx48_Portrait_NationalConservationLands_3.11.2018.pdf (900 KB)     
Woodlands Management Map - Shash Jaa 03/26/2018 BENM_24Xx36_Portrait_WoodlandsManagementShashJaaUnit_3.12.2018.pdf (774 KB)     
Woolands Management -Indian Creek Unit 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_WoodlandsManagementIndianCreek_3.11.2018.pdf (833 KB)     
Planning Process and Public Timeline 03/26/2018 BENM_24Xx36_Portrait_PlanningProcessandPublicTimeline_3.12.2018.pdf (421 KB)     
Scoping Announcement Fact Sheet 08/15/2018 Scoping Announcement Fact Sheet - ePlanning info.pdf (122 KB)     

Economic Strategies
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Economic Strategies Meeting Press Release 05/30/2018 Bears Ears Economic Workshop Release.pdf (48 KB)     
Economic Strategies Meeting Powerpoint 06/07/2018 BLM Economic Strategies workshop 2018_2.pdf (2977 KB)     
Economic Strategies Meeting Handout 06/07/2018 Econ Strategy Meeting Handout.pdf (1482 KB)     

Analysis of the Management Situation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
AMS 08/15/2018 BENM_AMS.pdf (80926 KB)     

Scoping Report
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Scoping Report 08/15/2018 BENM_Scoping_Report_07312018_508.pdf (4845 KB)     

Draft MMPs and EIS Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Draft MMPs and EIS Executive Summary 08/15/2018 BENM_Draft_MMPs-EIS_Executive_Summary.pdf (2096 KB)     
Draft MMPs and EIS Vol. 1 Chapters 1-4 08/15/2018 BENM_Draft_MMPs-EIS_Volume_1_Chapter 1-4 (4236 KB)     
Draft MMPs and EIS Vol. 2 Acronyms, Glossary and Appendices 08/15/2018 BENM_Draft_MMPs-EIS_Vol. 2 Glossary-Appendices (39264 KB)     

Public Meeting Materials
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
BENM Draft MMP and EIS Comment Form 10/02/2018 BENM Comment Form_09-12-18.pdf (53 KB)     
Public Meeting Information Station Handout 10/02/2018 BENM Info Station Handout_09-12-18.pdf (84 KB)     
Planning Process 10/02/2018 PlanningProcess.pdf (745 KB)     
Cultural Resources - Indian Creek 10/02/2018 CulturalResourcesIndianCreek.pdf (1687 KB)     
Cultural Resources - Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 CulturalResourcesShashJaa.pdf (1383 KB)     
Livestock Grazing Alternative Comparison: Indian Creek 10/02/2018 LivestockGrazingIndianCreek.pdf (1653 KB)     
Livestock Grazing Alternative Comparison: Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 LivestockGrazingShashJaa.pdf (1373 KB)     
LWC Alternative Comparison: Indian Crekk 10/02/2018 LWCIndianCreek.pdf (1338 KB)     
LWC Alternative Comparison: Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 LWCShashJaa.pdf (1341 KB)     
OHV Alternative Comparison: Indian Creek 10/02/2018 OHVIndianCreek.pdf (1860 KB)     
OHV Alternative Comparison: Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 OHVShashJaa.pdf (1473 KB)     
Recreation Alternative Comparison: Indian Creek 10/02/2018 RecreationIndianCreek.pdf (1491 KB)     
Recreation Alternative Comparison: Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 RecreationShashJaa.pdf (1366 KB)     
Right-of-way Alternative Comparison: Indian Creek 10/02/2018 ROWIndianCreek.pdf (1502 KB)     
Right-of-way Alternative Comparison: Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 ROWShashJaa.pdf (1404 KB)     
Tribal Collaboration Framework and Cultural Resources Monitoring Plan 10/02/2018 Tribalcollab.pdf (964 KB)     
American Indian Traditional Uses 10/02/2018 TraditionalUses.pdf (1437 KB)