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Documents & Reports 
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Federal Register Notice
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Federal Register Notice 01/16/2018 2018-00520 BENM NOI 01162018.pdf (213 KB)     
Federal Register BLM Notice of Availability-DEIS 08/17/2018 2018-08-17 FRN Bears Ears NOA 2018-17750.pdf (191 KB)     
Federal Register EPA Listing of Notices - NOA DEIS 08/17/2018 2018-17-08 FR-2018-08-17-EPA Notices.pdf (47 KB)     
Federal Register Call for Nominations for Monument Advisory Committee 08/30/2018 BENM MAC Federal Register 2018-18825.pdf (186 KB)     
Federal Register EPA Listing of Notices - NOA FEIS 07/26/2019 FR_EPA_listing_7-26-2019.pdf (288 KB)     
Federal Register BLM Notice of Availability- FEIS 07/26/2019 NOA_BLM_PMMP_FEIS_7-26-2019.pdf (302 KB)     

Presidential Proclamation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Presidential Proclamation Modifying the Bears Ears National Monument 12/08/2017 2017-26709.pdf (1956 KB)     
Bears Ears National Monument Boundary Modification 12/08/2017 benm_12012017.pdf (653 KB)     

Record of Decision and Approved Monument Management Plans
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
BLM ROD and Approved MMPs for the Indian Creek and Shash Jaa Units of BENM 02/06/2020 BLM_ROD_and_Approved_MMPs_for_the_Indian_Creek_and_Shash_Jaa_Units_of_BENM_February2020.pdf (21759 KB)     
USFS ROD and Approved Manti-La Sal National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan Amendment for the BENM Shash Jaa Unit 02/06/2020 USFS_ROD_and_Approved_Manti-La_Sal_National_Forest_LRMP_Amendment_for_the_BENM_Shash_Jaa_Unit_February2020.pdf (11138 KB)     
Myths vs. Facts 02/06/2020 BENM_Myths_vs_Facts.pdf (1425 KB)     
Information Graphic 02/06/2020 BENM_Handout_20200206.pdf (1641 KB)     

Proposed MMPs and Final EIS Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Executive Summary: Bears Ears Proposed MMPs/Final EIS 07/26/2019 Executive Summary_Bears Ears Proposed MMPs-Final EIS.pdf (2189 KB)     
Volume 1: Chapters 1-4 of Bears Ears Proposed MMPs/Final EIS 07/26/2019 Volume1_Chapters 1-4_Bears Ears Proposed MMPs-Final EIS.pdf (3945 KB)     
Volume 2: References, Glossary, Appendices of Bears Ears Proposed MMPs/Final EIS 07/26/2019 Volume2_References_Glossary_Appendices_Bears Ears Proposed MMPs-Final EIS.pdf (31787 KB)     

Draft MMPs and EIS Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Draft MMPs and EIS Executive Summary 08/15/2018 BENM_Draft_MMPs-EIS_Executive_Summary.pdf (2096 KB)     
Draft MMPs and EIS Vol. 1 Chapters 1-4 08/15/2018 BENM_Draft_MMPs-EIS_Volume_1_Chapter 1-4 (4236 KB)     
Draft MMPs and EIS Vol. 2 Acronyms, Glossary and Appendices 08/15/2018 BENM_Draft_MMPs-EIS_Vol. 2 Glossary-Appendices (39264 KB)     

Scoping Meeting Materials
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Scoping Meeing Mineral Resource Handout 03/26/2018 BENM_Handout_Mineral Resources_3-19-18.pdf (194 KB)     
Scoping Meeting Rangeland Management 03/26/2018 BENM_Handout_Rangeland_Mgmt_03-20-2018 - IC table corrected.pdf (349 KB)     
Scoping Meeting Woodcutting Handout 03/26/2018 BENM_Handout_Woodcutting_3-19-18.pdf (211 KB)     
Scoping Meeing Handout Travel Management 03/26/2018 BENM-Handout -Travel Management_3-19-18.pdf (420 KB)     
Scoping Meeting Handout Cultural Resources 03/26/2018 BENM_Handout_Cultural Resource Projects 3-20-2018.pdf (356 KB)     
Livestock Grazing Map-Indian Creek Unit 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_LivestockGrazingIndianCreek_3.11.2018.pdf (1228 KB)     
Livestock Grazing Map-Shash Jaa 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_LivestockGrazingShashJaa_3.11.2018.pdf (1160 KB)     
Cultural Resources Map - Indian Creek 03/26/2018 BENM_24Xx36_Portrait_CulturalResourcesIndianCreekUnit_3.12.2018.pdf (959 KB)     
Cultural Resources Map-Shash Jaa 03/26/2018 BENM_24Xx36_Portrait_CulturalResourcesShashJaaUnit_3.12.2018.pdf (889 KB)     
Cultural Resources Information Board 03/26/2018 BENM_24Xx36_Portrait_CulturalResourcesText_3.12.2018.pdf (896 KB)     
Recreation Map - Indian Creek 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_RecreationManagementIndianCreekUnit_3.11.2018.pdf (925 KB)     
Recreation Map - Shash Jaa 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_RecreationManagementShashJaaUnit_3.11.2018.pdf (876 KB)     
Recreation Visitor Services 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_RecreationandVisitorServices_3..pdf (968 KB)     
Summary of Current Recreation Management Decisions from the Monticello RMP 03/29/2018 BENM Current Recreation Management Summary.pdf (122 KB)     
Travel Management - Indian Creek 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_TravelManagementIndianCreek_3.11.2018.pdf (1031 KB)     
Travel Management - Shash Jaa 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_TravelManagementShashJaaUnit_3.11.2018.pdf (1016 KB)     
Overview Map of Indian Creek and Shash Jaa Units 03/26/2018 BENM_34Xx48_Portrait_NationalConservationLands_3.11.2018.pdf (900 KB)     
Woodlands Management Map - Shash Jaa 03/26/2018 BENM_24Xx36_Portrait_WoodlandsManagementShashJaaUnit_3.12.2018.pdf (774 KB)     
Woolands Management -Indian Creek Unit 03/26/2018 BENM_24x36_Portrait_WoodlandsManagementIndianCreek_3.11.2018.pdf (833 KB)     
Planning Process and Public Timeline 03/26/2018 BENM_24Xx36_Portrait_PlanningProcessandPublicTimeline_3.12.2018.pdf (421 KB)     
Scoping Announcement Fact Sheet 08/15/2018 Scoping Announcement Fact Sheet - ePlanning info.pdf (122 KB)     

Economic Strategies
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Economic Strategies Meeting Press Release 05/30/2018 Bears Ears Economic Workshop Release.pdf (48 KB)     
Economic Strategies Meeting Powerpoint 06/07/2018 BLM Economic Strategies workshop 2018_2.pdf (2977 KB)     
Economic Strategies Meeting Handout 06/07/2018 Econ Strategy Meeting Handout.pdf (1482 KB)     

Analysis of the Management Situation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
AMS 08/15/2018 BENM_AMS.pdf (80926 KB)     

Scoping Report
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Scoping Report 08/15/2018 BENM_Scoping_Report_07312018_508.pdf (4845 KB)     

Public Meeting Materials
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
BENM Draft MMP and EIS Comment Form 10/02/2018 BENM Comment Form_09-12-18.pdf (53 KB)     
Public Meeting Information Station Handout 10/02/2018 BENM Info Station Handout_09-12-18.pdf (84 KB)     
Planning Process 10/02/2018 PlanningProcess.pdf (745 KB)     
Cultural Resources - Indian Creek 10/02/2018 CulturalResourcesIndianCreek.pdf (1687 KB)     
Cultural Resources - Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 CulturalResourcesShashJaa.pdf (1383 KB)     
Livestock Grazing Alternative Comparison: Indian Creek 10/02/2018 LivestockGrazingIndianCreek.pdf (1653 KB)     
Livestock Grazing Alternative Comparison: Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 LivestockGrazingShashJaa.pdf (1373 KB)     
LWC Alternative Comparison: Indian Crekk 10/02/2018 LWCIndianCreek.pdf (1338 KB)     
LWC Alternative Comparison: Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 LWCShashJaa.pdf (1341 KB)     
OHV Alternative Comparison: Indian Creek 10/02/2018 OHVIndianCreek.pdf (1860 KB)     
OHV Alternative Comparison: Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 OHVShashJaa.pdf (1473 KB)     
Recreation Alternative Comparison: Indian Creek 10/02/2018 RecreationIndianCreek.pdf (1491 KB)     
Recreation Alternative Comparison: Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 RecreationShashJaa.pdf (1366 KB)     
Right-of-way Alternative Comparison: Indian Creek 10/02/2018 ROWIndianCreek.pdf (1502 KB)     
Right-of-way Alternative Comparison: Shash Jaa 10/02/2018 ROWShashJaa.pdf (1404 KB)     
Tribal Collaboration Framework and Cultural Resources Monitoring Plan 10/02/2018 Tribalcollab.pdf (964 KB)     
American Indian Traditional Uses 10/02/2018 TraditionalUses.pdf (1437 KB)     

NHPA Section 106
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
BENM MMPs Example Invitation to Consulting Parties 09/13/2019 ConsultPartyBENMInviteExample.pdf (848 KB)     
BENM MMPs Consulting Parties 2/28/2019 Meeting Notes 09/13/2019 2019-02-28 BENM CP Mtng Notes.pdf (461 KB)     
BENM MMPs Example Letter to Consulting Parties Providing Update 09/13/2019 ConsultPartyBENMUpdateExample.pdf (82 KB)     
BENM MMPs Consulting Parties 7/30/2019 Meeting Notes 09/13/2019 7-30BENMConsultMeetingNotesFinal.pdf (473 KB)     
BENM Report to Consulting Parties 8/1/2019 (redacted) 09/13/2019 BENMreport8-1-19CPs_Redacted.pdf (614 KB)     
BENM MMPs BLM & USFS Finding of Effects Letter to Utah SHPO 09/13/2019 BLM&USFSToUTSHPOLetter.pdf (978 KB)     
BENM MMPs Example Finding of Effects Letter to Consulting Parties 09/13/2019 ConsultPartyBENMFOEExample.pdf (987 KB)     
BENM MMPs SHPO Concurrence on Finding of Effects 09/13/2019 SHPOConcurBENMMMPFOE.pdf (64 KB)     
NTHP, FCM & UDB Objection to No Adverse Effect Determination 8/30/2019 09/13/2019 NTHP_FCM_UDB NAE Objection 08_30_2019 FINAL.pdf (513 KB)     
FCM Section 106 Comments on BENM MMPs 9/9/2019 (redacted) 09/13/2019 FCM_BENM_Section106_Comments9-9-19_RedactedFinal.pdf (970 KB)     
FCM Section 106 Supplemental Comments on BENM MMPs 9/92019 (redacted) 09/13/2019 FCM_Supplemental_BENM_Section106_Comments_Final9-9-19_RedactedFinal.pdf (122 KB)     
BENM MMPs BLM & USFS Request for Comment from ACHP 09/13/2019 BLMUSFSRequestForCommentACHP.pdf (176 KB)