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Record of Decision and Approved Monument Management Plans for Bears Ears National Monument available NEW!

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) are pleased to announce the availability of the Record of Decision and Approved Monument Management Plans (MMPs) for the Shash Jáa and Indian Creek Units of the Bears Ears National Monument (BENM). The BLM Record of Decision was signed by Anita Bilbao, Acting Utah State Director, and the USFS Record of Decision was signed by Ryan Nehl, Forest Supervisor of the Manti-La Sal National Forest, on February 6, 2020. After more than seven months of public outreach and the completion of consultation and coordination obligations, the Approved MMPs provide for uses within the Monument, including recreational uses, while protecting significant cultural resources and other objects. The BLM Record of Decision contains responses to comments submitted on the proposed target shooting closure. The Protest Resolution Report is available at: https://www.blm.gov/programs/planning-and-nepa/public-participation/protest-resolution-reports

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For further information, please contact Jacob Palma, Monument Manager, at (435) 587-1500, or visit the FAQs on the navigation menu. 

The BENM was established by Presidential Procalamtion 9558 on December 28, 2016.  On December 4, 2017, Presidential Proclamation 9681 clarified and modified the designation of the BENM. The revised BENM boundaries include two separate units, known as the Shash Jáa and Indian Creek Units, that are reserved for the care and management of the objects of historic and scientific interest within their boundaries. The Shash Jáa Unit contains 97,393 acres of BLM-administered lands and 32,587 acres of USFS-adminstered lands. The Indian Creek Unit contains 71,896 acres of BLM-adminstered land.

The BLM and USFS prepared these MMPs pursuant to 43 CFR 1600 and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) pursuant to the National Envrionemtnal Policy Act of 1969.  The Notice of Intent to prepare the MMPs/EIS was published January 16, 2018, which initiated the public scoping process. The Draft MMPs/EIS was published August 17, 2018 and was available for a 90-day public comment period that ended November 15, 2018. The Proposed MMPs/Final EIS was published July 26, 2019 and was available for a 30-day protest period that ended August 26, 2019. Additionally and in accordance with the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act of 2019, the BLM offered a 60-day comment period on a proposed target shooting closure that ended September 24, 2019.

Visit the Bears Ears National Monument webpage on blm.gov for more information.