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Draft Environmental Impact Statement Volumes
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Burning Man Event SRP-Draft EIS_Vol1 03/15/2019 Burning Man Event SRP-Draft EIS_Vol1.pdf (3247 KB)  Open (03/15/2019 - 04/29/2019 ) 
Burning Man Event SRP-Draft EIS_Vol2 03/15/2019 Burning Man Event SRP-Draft EIS_Vol2.pdf (31692 KB)     

Special Studies Supporting the Environmental Impact Statement
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
AERMOD Modeling Report 03/15/2019 AERMOD Modeling Report.pdf (4834 KB)     
Air Resources Baseline Technical Report 03/15/2019 Air Resources Baseline Technical Report.pdf (28731 KB)     
Artificial Light at Night Assessment 03/15/2019 Artificial Light at Night Assessment.pdf (4551 KB)     
Assessment of Economics, Social Values, and Environmental Justice 03/15/2019 Assessment of Economics, Social Values, and Environmental Justice.pdf (4717 KB)     
Biological Resources Baseline Report 03/15/2019 Biological Resources Baseline Report.pdf (8090 KB)     
Black Rock City 2012 Oil Drip Monitoring 03/15/2019 Black Rock City 2012 Oil Drip Monitoring.pdf (258 KB)     
NASA Develop Group Study on the Black Rock Playa 03/15/2019 NASA Develop Group Study on the Black Rock Playa.pdf (6419 KB)     
Noise Impact Assessment 03/15/2019 Noise Impact Assessment.pdf (9892 KB)     
Post Event Inspection Reports 2014-2017 03/15/2019 Post Event Inspection Reports 2014-2017.pdf (8464 KB)     
Public Health and Safety at the Burning Man Event 03/15/2019 Public Health and Safety at the Burning Man Event.pdf (414 KB)     
Traffic Analysis 03/15/2019 Traffic Analysis.pdf (8103 KB)     

Public Meeting Materials - April 2019
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Alternatives Handout 04/15/2019 Alternatives Handout.pdf (91 KB)     
BLM Briefing Presentation 04/15/2019 BLM Briefing Presentation.pdf (2699 KB)     
Burning Man Handout 04/15/2019 Burning Man Handout.pdf (2781 KB)     
Baseline Studies List 04/15/2019 Baseline Studies List.pdf (93 KB)     
NEPA Process 04/15/2019 NEPA Process.pdf (328 KB)     
Alternatives Comparison Handout 04/15/2019 Alternatives Comparison Handout.pdf (1101 KB)     
Public Comment Form 04/15/2019 Public Comment Form.pdf (75 KB)     
NEPA Presentation 04/15/2019 NEPA Presentation.pdf (58 KB)     
Proposed Action Summary 04/15/2019 Proposed Action Summary.pdf (100 KB)     
BurningManEIS_ProposedAction 04/15/2019 BurningManEIS_ProposedAction.pdf (147 KB)     
Resource Conflicts 04/15/2019 Resource Conflicts.pdf (217 KB)     
Burning Man Presentation 04/15/2019 Burning Man Presentation.pdf (6514 KB)     

Public Outreach and Scoping Period Summary
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Providing Comments During Public Outreach 01/03/2018  (4 Files)    
Public Scoping Report 03/15/2019 Public Scoping Report.pdf (814 KB)     
Proposed Action 09/28/2018 BurningManEIS_ProposedAction.pdf (147 KB)     
Black Rock City Future Expansion 02/05/2018 Black_Rock_City_Future_Expansion_figure_508.pdf (543 KB)     
Notice of Intent June 20 2018 06/20/2018 Notice of Intent.pdf (193 KB)     
Dear Interested Party Letter 03/18/2019 Dear Interested Party Letter.pdf (573 KB)     
Published Federal Register Notice 03/18/2019 Published Federal Register Notice.pdf (222 KB)     

Providing Comments During Public Scoping Period and Meeting Materials
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Scoping Meeting Presentations 07/10/2018  (2 Files)    
Scoping Meeting Materials and Handouts 07/10/2018  (6 Files)    
Scoping Meeting Maps and Images 07/10/2018  (3 Files)