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04/18/2018 15:34:46 MDT
The Bureau of Land Management has issued a Decision Record approving routes for segments 8 and 9 of the Gateway West transmission line project. Approval of these routes will connect previously authorized routes in southern Wyoming and eastern Idaho. The Signed Decision Record is located below, under the heading, FINAL Environmental Assessment and Related Documents.

Maps of the project area are located at the Maps link in the left margin of this page.
The Gateway West oringinal Final EIS, the Supplemental EIS, and related documents are located at Links in the left margin.

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
DRAFT Environmental Assessment and Proposed Land Use Plan Amendments 11/03/2017 GWW_DRAFT EA_11032017 (2).pdf (3809 KB)     
DRAFT Environmental Assessment and Propose Land Use Plan Amendments (Without Appendices) 11/03/2017 GWW_DRAFT EA_11032017_no_appendices.pdf (790 KB)     
Appendix A Map of Proposed Action 11/03/2017 Appendix_A_GWW_EA_Proposed_map.pdf (1343 KB)     
Appendix B Legal Descriptions Proposed ROW, Long-Term Developments 11/03/2017 Appendix_B_long_term_ROW_EA_Proposed Gateway West.pdf (526 KB)     
Appendix C Legal Descriptions Proposed ROW Short-Term Developments 11/03/2017 Appendix_C_Temporary_ROW_EA_Proposed Gateway West.pdf (558 KB)     
Appendix D NCA Boundary Modification Act of 2017 11/03/2017 Appendix_D_Modification Act 2017.pdf (55 KB)     
Appendix E Cumulative Effects Analysis Map 11/03/2017 Appendix_E_GW_EA_CumulativeEffects_map.pdf (885 KB)     
Appendix F Scoping Comments and Responses 11/03/2017 Appendix_F_Scoping_Comments_Response.pdf (774 KB)     

FINAL Environmental Assessment and Related Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Signed Decision Record 03/30/2018 GWW_Final-Signed_Decision Record.pdf (364 KB)     
FINAL Environmental Assessment and Proposed Land Use Plan Amendments 01/05/2018 2_GWW_EA_FINAL_JAN2018.pdf (13588 KB)     
FINAL Environmental Assessment and Proposed Land Use Plan Amendments (Without Appendices) 01/05/2018 2_GWW_EA_FINAL_JAN2018_wo_appendices.pdf (2219 KB)     
Finding of No New Significant Impacts 01/05/2018 2_GWW_FONNSI_JAN2018_Final.pdf (45 KB)     
Appendix A - Map of Proposed Action 01/05/2018 2_Appendix_A_GWW_EA_Proposed_map.pdf (1358 KB)     
Appendix B - Legal Descriptions for Proposed Right-of-Way Grant 01/05/2018 2_Appendix_B_long_term_ROW_EA_Proposed Gateway West.pdf (532 KB)     
Appendix C - Legal Descriptions for Temporary Construction Sites Right-of-Way 01/05/2018 2_Appendix_C_Temporary_ROW_EA_Proposed Gateway West.pdf (276 KB)     
Appendix D - Boundary Modification Act for National Conservation Area (NCA) 01/05/2018 2_Appendix_D_Modification_Act_2017.pdf (139 KB)     
Appendix E - Cumulative Effects Analysis Area Map 01/05/2018 2_Appendix_E_GW_EA_CumulativeEffects_map.pdf (1405 KB)     
Appendix F - Scoping Comments and Responses 01/05/2018 2_Appendix_F_Scoping_Comments_Response.pdf (775 KB)     
Appendix G - BLM and USFWS Endangered Species Act Compliance Memoranda 01/05/2018 2_Appendix_G_Compliance Memoranda.pdf (7955 KB)     
Appendix H - Public Comments to Draft Environmental Assessment and Responses 01/05/2018 2_Appendix_H_GW_draft_EA_comment_table.pdf (618 KB)