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Shown below under the "PDF Maps" category are the Bureau of Land Management's Kingman Field Office proposed route designation maps by Travel Management Area in each of the four (4) alternatives (Alternatives A, B, C and D).  Alternative A maintains the existing management, access and use patterns with minimal restrictions on use type and season. Alternative B would provide the greatest extent of resource protections while still allowing route uses where conflicts with resource protection do not exist. Alternative C is a blended alternative that emphasizes balanced levels of public access and resource protection. Alternative D maintains the basic protections needed to sustain sensitive resources and allows the greatest extent of route use and access.

There are also map books for each alterantive that show areas zoomed in. Use the index on the first page of the map book to navigate to the appropriate figure based on your area of interest. In addition, all 30" x 40" maps are georeferenced and can be used with any smart device in Avenza Maps. See the "Avenza Maps Quick Cheatsheet for iOS and Android" attached below for more information on Avenza Maps. 

PDF Maps 
  Map Name Release Date Number of Maps
Alternative A Maps by Travel Management Area 08/20/2018 12
Alternative B Maps by Travel Management Area 08/20/2018 12
Alternative C Maps by Travel Management Area 08/20/2018 12
Alternative D Maps by Travel Management Area 08/20/2018 12
Alternatives A, B, C, and D 11 x 17 Mapbooks 08/14/2018 4
Kingman Field Office TMP Route Inventory - October 2017 08/14/2018 2
Avenza Maps Quick Cheatsheet for iOS and Android 08/27/2018 1
Comment Maps 
  Map Name Release Date Public Participation
Kingman Field Office Travel Management Plan 08/15/2018