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12/04/2018 13:31:40 MST
The comment period for the Kingman Travel Management Plan closed on November 30, 2018. 

Providing access to the public lands is a priority and we want to hear from the public on which routes should be included in the transportation network. While the BLM identified Alternative C as the proposed action (regulation requires us to identify an alternative as a Proposed Action, as well as the No Action), we have not decided what routes will be included in the designated route network.  Hearing from you is an important part of that decision process.  
Public Review Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
KFO TMP Further Information - Overview of TMP Process 09/18/2018 KFO TMP Further Information.pdf (751 KB)     
TMP Public Comment Form 08/15/2018 PUBLIC_COMMENT_FORM.docx (132 KB)     
2018 Kingman Field Office TMP EA 08/14/2018 2018 Kingman Field Office EA Public Draft_180813Final-508.pdf (815 KB)     
Appendix A - Acronyms Glossary and References 08/14/2018 Appendix A_Acronyms Glossary and References-508.pdf (217 KB)     
Appendix B - Tables 09/25/2018 Appendix B_Tables-508.pdf (1085 KB)     
Appendix C - Travel Management Plan 08/14/2018 Appendix C_TMP-wAppendices-508.pdf (2042 KB)     
Appendix D - Route Reports 08/14/2018 Appendix D_RouteReports-508.pdf (186 KB)     
Appendix E - Figures 09/25/2018 Appendix E_ Figures-508.pdf (10352 KB)     
Appendix F - Scoping Report 08/14/2018 Appendix F_Scoping Report-508.pdf (3763 KB)     
Appendix G - Comment Response 08/14/2018 Appendix G_Comment Response_Placeholder-508.pdf (9 KB)     
Appendix H - Resource Impact Indicators 09/25/2018 Appendix H_Resource Impact Indicators-508.pdf (130 KB)     
Appendix I - Resource Data Used During Route Evaluations 08/14/2018 Appendix I_Resource Data Used During Route Evaluations-508.pdf (366 KB)     
Appendix J - Major Land Resource Areas 08/14/2018 Appendix J_MLRAs-508.pdf (100 KB)     
Appendix L - Areas of Critical Environmental Concern 08/14/2018 Appendix L_ACECs-508.pdf (348 KB)     
Appendix M - Photographs 08/14/2018 Appendix M_Photographs.pdf (869 KB)     

Web App Documentation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Widget Explanation 08/15/2018 Widget_Explanation.pdf (400 KB)     
Route Designation Code Definitions 08/15/2018 Kingman_Route_Designation_Code_Definitions.pdf (341 KB)     

Public Scoping
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
TMP_Digital_Comment_Widget_Explanation 10/04/2017 Application_Widget_Explanation.pdf (400 KB)     
Open House Story Boards 10/04/2017 KFO Scoping Meeting Boards.pdf (4246 KB)     
Kingman Field Office TMP News Release 10/04/2017 NewsRelease_Kingman FO Public Scoping_QR_Code.pdf (371 KB)