ePlanning DOI-BLM-CO-N010-2017-0027-EA (Peabody Energy Twentymile Coal Lease by Application)  
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05/31/2019 09:38:07 MDT
Project Status Update
Twentymile Coal, LLC has requested the LBA be suspended as of 5/2/2019.

Background Information

Twentymile Coal, LLC has submitted an application to the Bureau of Land Management Little Snake Field Office (BLM) for a 640 acre coal lease by application (LBA) COC78449 at their Foidel Creek Mine.  The mine is located near Oak Creek in Routt County, Colorado.  The proposed LBA is for the Wolf Creek coal seam within the existing Foidel Creek Mine permit boundary (C-1982-056).  If approved, the LBA would allow for additional mining at the currently operating Twentymile Coal, LLC Foidel Creek Mine.

The LBA is located on lands in which BLM manages the coal estate.  All of the surface is privately owned.  There would be no surface disturbance.  The LBA was submitted to obtain known recoverable federal coal reserves and prevent bypass of those reserves.  The BLM is required by law to consider leasing Federal Coal for economic recovery.

If the BLM decides to approve the LBA, the LBA would then be offered by competitive sale.  If the LBA is issued, the lease would serve to extend underground development by longwall mining.  The application area contains an estimated 4 million tons of recoverable coal. The additional federal coal recovery would extend the life of the Foidel Creek Mine by approximately 2 years.  

The BLM has determined that this action must be evaluated under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to identify potential environmental impacts related to the proposed action.  The BLM is seeking any comment you may have related to this project.  Comments will assist the interdisciplinary team in identifying issues, as required by NEPA that should be addressed as part of the evaluation being prepared for this project.