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Documents & Reports 

For guidance on how to submit comments for the Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement through the project website (NEPA Register), please click on the "Video Tutorial" on the upper right-hand side of this page.

Clark and Nye Counties Reserve Unit Requests
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Reserve Unit Requests 07/10/2014 Clark+and+Nye+Counties+Reserve+Units+Requests.pdf (21697 KB) 
Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement 09/12/2014 Interactive Document for Interactive Document 4 Draft RMP_EIS September 2014 Version 5  (35639 KB) 
Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement 2014 Public Meeting Materials
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Areas of Critical Environmental Concern - Display 10/27/2014 Areas_of_Critical_Environmental_Concern.pdf (3431 KB) 
Commenting Steps - Display 10/27/2014 Commenting_Steps.pdf (312 KB) 
Disposal Boundary - Display 10/27/2014 Disposal_Boundary.pdf (2995 KB) 
Fluid Minerals - Display 10/27/2014 Fluid_Minerals.pdf (3466 KB) 
Off Highway Vehicle Designations - Display 10/27/2014 Off_Highway_Vehicle_Designations.pdf (3323 KB) 
Public Meeting Welcome - Display 10/27/2014 Public_Meeting_Welcome.pdf (1484 KB) 
Recreation Management Areas - Display 10/27/2014 Recreation_Management_Areas.pdf (3445 KB) 
Recreational Target Shooting Closures - Display 10/27/2014 Recreational_Target_Shooting_Closures.pdf (2392 KB) 
Solar Energy - Display 10/27/2014 Solar_Energy.pdf (2976 KB) 
Southern Nevada District Office Map - Display 10/27/2014 Southern_Nevada_District_Office_Map.pdf (1631 KB) 
Utility Corridors - Display 10/27/2014 Utility_Corridors.pdf (3034 KB) 
Visual Resource Management - Display 10/27/2014 Visual_Resource_Management.pdf (4036 KB) 
Ways to Provide Comments - Display 10/27/2014 Ways_to_Provide_Comments.pdf (153 KB) 
Wilderness and Lands with Wilderness Characteristics - Display 10/27/2014 Wilderness_ and_Lands_with_Wilderness_Characteristics.pdf (5308 KB) 
Wind Energy - Display 10/27/2014 Wind_Energy.pdf (2910 KB) 
Public Meeting Handout 10/27/2014 Public Meeting Handout.pdf (861 KB) 
Public Meeting Presentation 11/13/2014 Open House Meeting Presentation.pdf (1038 KB) 
February 2010 Public Open House Posters
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Overview Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Posters_Overview.pdf (632 KB) 
NEPA Process Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Posters_NEPA_Process.pdf (672 KB) 
Land Tenure Adjustment Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Poster_Land_Tenure.pdf (696 KB) 
Current OHV Designations Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Poster_Current_OHV_Designations.pdf (693 KB) 
Renewable Energy Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Poster_Renewable_Energy.pdf (684 KB) 
Rights-Of-Way Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Poster_Rights_of_Way.pdf (700 KB) 
Special Designation Areas Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Poster_Special_Designations.pdf (733 KB) 
Split Mineral Estate Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Poster_Split_Mineral_Estate.pdf (679 KB) 
Special Recreation Management Area Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Poster_Sp_Recreation_Mgmt_Areas.pdf (690 KB) 
Visual Resource Management Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Poster_Visual_Resources.pdf (760 KB) 
Other Issues Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Posters_Other_Issues.pdf (763 KB) 
Public Input Poster 10/01/2014 LV-RMP_Posters_Providing_Input.pdf (4882 KB) 
Federal Register Notice
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Notice of Intent 01/04/2010 FR_NOI_E9-31251.pdf (50 KB) 
Notice of Availability 10/10/2014 Notice of Availability 10_10_14.pdf (202 KB) 
Notice of Extension December 23, 2014 12/23/2014 Notice of Extension 12_23_14.pdf (197 KB) 
Notice of Extension February 6, 2015 02/06/2015 Notice of Extension 02_06_15.pdf (190 KB) 
Misc. Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Eldorado Valley Recordable Disclaimer of Interest and Patent Correction Decision 08/25/2011 8_25_11_BLM EVTA Decision Record.pdf (3018 KB) 
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Table 09/08/2010 OverviewTABLEFinalElig071210.pdf (11 KB) 
Wild and Scenic Rivers Review Eligibility Determination 01/07/2011 Final_WSR_Report_01072011.pdf (1323 KB) 
Public Meeting Presentations
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Feb 2010 Public Meeting Open House Presentation - Adobe Reader version 02/02/2010 Las_Vegas_RMP Revision-Presentation_02-02-2010 - final.pdf (842 KB) 
Feb 2010 Public Meeting Open House Presentation - Microsoft Powerpoint version 02/02/2010 Las_Vegas_RMP Revision-Presentation_02-02-2010 - final.ppt (3032 KB) 
Scoping Report
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Final Scoping Report for the Las Vegas/Pahrump RMP Revision 06/07/2010 01_Final Las Vegas Scoping Report.pdf (1120 KB) 
Final Scoping Report - Appendix A 06/07/2010 02_LV-RMP-Scoping-Report_Appendix-A_Written-Comments.pdf (637 KB) 
Final Scoping Report - Appendix B 06/07/2010 03_Appendix-B_LV-RMP-Scoping-Report_NOI.pdf (1311 KB) 
Final Scoping Report - Appendix C 06/07/2010 04_Appendix-C_LV-RMP-Scoping-Report_Public-Announcements.pdf (985 KB) 
Final Scoping Report - Appendix D 06/07/2010 05_Appendix-D_LV-RMP-Scoping-Report_Planning-Bulletin.pdf (1804 KB) 
Final Scoping Report - Appendix E 06/07/2010 06_Appendix-E_LV-RMP-Scoping-Report_Scoping-Meeting-Materials.pdf (998 KB) 
Socioeconomic Reports
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Socioeconomic Baseline Report 06/26/2014 Socioeconomic Baseline Report August 2011.pdf (5909 KB)