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Decision Document
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Decision Record 12/03/2018 Approved Decision Record 12032018.pdf (158 KB)     
December 3, 2018 News Release 12/03/2018 Approved News Release.pdf (320 KB)     

Environmental Analysis
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Final Environmental Assessment 12/03/2018 Final EA December 2018.pdf (1218 KB)     
Approved Finding of No Significant Impact 12/03/2018 Approved FONSI 12032018.pdf (189 KB)     
Appendix A - Emissions Calculations 07/06/2018 Appendix A - Emissions Calculations.pdf (262 KB)     
Appendix B - Environmental Protection Measures 12/03/2018 Appendix B - Environmental Protection Measures.pdf (306 KB)     
Appendix C - Comments and Responses to Comments 12/03/2018 Appendix C - Comments and Responses to Comments.pdf (387 KB)     
Appendix D - References 12/03/2018 Appendix D - References.pdf (138 KB)     
Mine Plan 07/06/2018 Mine Plan.pdf (1794 KB)     

Fact Sheets
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Scoping Overview 12/03/2018 Public Scoping Fact Sheet.pdf (571 KB)     
Frequently Asked Questions 12/03/2018 FAQ Fact Sheet.pdf (606 KB)     
Project Timeline 12/03/2018 Project Timeline Fact Sheet.pdf (630 KB)     
NEPA/NHPA Milestones 12/03/2018 NEPA and NHPA Workflow Slides Project Approval.pdf (444 KB)     

Background Document
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Draft Mining and Reclamation Plan of Operations 07/06/2018 Revised Draft MRPO July052018.pdf (10872 KB)     
Mine Process & Anticipated Equipment 07/07/2017 Mine Process & Equipment.pdf (502 KB)     
Kirkland Mining Company Mining Plan of Operations Completeness Review: Plan Complete 08/17/2017 MPO Completeness Review.pdf (537 KB)     
Memorandum Report on the Common/Uncommon Variety Determination 08/17/2017 Memorandum Report on the Common Uncommon Variety Determination.pdf (458 KB)     

Baseline Studies
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Geochemical Assay Testing 12/03/2018 Geochemical Assay Testing Report 12032018.pdf (5297 KB)     
Evaluation of Skull Valley Ranch Wells as a Water Supply 04/02/2018 Draft Wells Report March 2018.pdf (11402 KB)     
Draft Traffic Impact Statement 04/02/2018 Traffic Impact Statement 03062018.pdf (4352 KB)     
Supplemental Water Source Report 11/06/2018 Water Source Supplemental Report 9-11-18.pdf (1129 KB)     
Draft Supplemental Traffic Analysis 04/23/2018 DRAFT Supplemental Traffic Analysis April 20 2018.pdf (1572 KB)     
Biological Evaluation 06/20/2017 Biological Evaluation.pdf (9243 KB)     
Draft Supplemental Special Status Species Screening 07/06/2018 Draft Supplemental Special Status Species Screening Analysis 05042018.pdf (3952 KB)     
Evaluation of Potentially Jurisdictional Waters 10/01/2018 PJDWOUS September 26 2018.PDF (1483 KB)     

Public Comments
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Volume 1. 09/21/2018 Vol. 1 Consolidated_Comments_Redacted.pdf (1800 KB)     
Volume 2. 09/21/2018 Vol. 2 Consolidated_Comments_Redacted.pdf (3789 KB)     
Volume 3. 09/21/2018 Vol. 3 Consolidated_Comments_Redacted.pdf (2926 KB)     
Volume 4. 09/21/2018 Vol. 4 Consolidated_Comments_Redacted.pdf (2279 KB)     
Volume 5. 09/21/2018 Vol. 5 Consolidated_Comments_Redacted.pdf (3804 KB)     
Volume 6. 09/21/2018 Vol. 6 Consolidated_Comments_Redacted.pdf (4226 KB)     

Public Scoping
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Scoping Notification Letter 06/26/2017 Scoping Notification Letter 6-26-2017.pdf (87 KB)