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Ambler Road EIS public scoping meeting documents and maps have been added.
1. Public Scoping Meeting Materials
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Ambler Road EIS Fact Sheet 11/21/2017 Ambler Road EIS Fact Sheet (1002 KB)     
Ambler Road EIS Frequently Asked Questions 11/21/2017 Ambler Road EIS Frequently Asked Questions (65 KB)     
Ambler Road EIS Section 106 Handout 11/21/2017 Ambler Road EIS Section 106 Handout (114 KB)     
Ambler Road EIS How to Make a Comment Handout 11/21/2017 Ambler Road EIS Substantive Comments How To (79 KB)     
Ambler Road EIS Comment Form 11/21/2017 Ambler Road Scoping Comment Form November 13 2017.pdf (392 KB)     
Ambler Road EIS Public Scoping Meeting Power Point Presentation 11/16/2017 20171116_Final_Scoping_Meeting_Presentation (4).pptx (9385 KB)     
Scoping Meeting Fact Sheet 12/01/2017 Scoping Meeting Fact Sheet.pdf (1154 KB)     
Scoping Meeting Presentation 12/01/2017 Scoping Meeting Presentation.pdf (5773 KB)     
Ambler Road EIS Section 106 Meeting Agenda 01/16/2018 Ambler Road EIS Section 106 Meeting Agenda.pdf (95 KB)     
Ambler Road EIS Section 106 Presentation 01/17/2018 Ambler Road EIS Section 106 Presentation.pdf (823 KB)     
Ambler Road EIS Teleconference Presentation for January 16 and 18, 2018 01/18/2018 Teleconference Scoping Presentation January 16 & 18, 2018 (610 KB)     

2. Public Scoping Maps
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Alatna, Allakaket Area Map 11/21/2017 Alatna Allakaket Area for alternatives.pdf (4476 KB)     
Ambler Map 11/21/2017 Ambler Area for alternatives.pdf (4734 KB)     
Bettles, Evansville Map 11/21/2017 Bettles Evansville Area for alternatives.pdf (4092 KB)     
Kubuk, Shungnak Map 11/21/2017 Kobuk Shungnak Area for alternatives.pdf (4278 KB)     
Kotzebue Map 11/21/2017 Kotzebue Area for alternatives reduced file size.pdf (838 KB)     
Wiseman Map 11/21/2017 Wiseman Area for alternatives.pdf (5342 KB)     
Ambler Road EIS Project Overview Map 11/21/2017 Project overview map.pdf (2039 KB)     
Caribou Herd Ranges Map 11/21/2017 Caribou herd ranges for alternatives.pdf (2172 KB)     

3. Federal Register Notices
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Federal Register Notice Of Intent 02/28/2017 Federal Register Notice Of Intent (120 KB)     

4. Application Materials
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Section 00--Introduction and SF299 Form 03/02/2017  (3 Files)    
Section 1--AIDEA Supplemental Information 03/02/2017  (2 Files)    
Section 2--Corridor SF299 Supplemental Narrative 03/02/2017  (2 Files)    
Section 2B--Appendix 2B Map Sets 03/02/2017  (3 Files)    
Section 2A--Appendix 2A Tables and Figures 03/02/2017  (17 Files)    
Section 2C--Appendix 2C DOT&PF Summary Report 03/02/2017  (2 Files)    
Section 2D--Appendix 2D Asbestos Information 03/02/2017  (2 Files)    
Section 2E--Appendix 2E Fish Studies 03/02/2017  (6 Files)    
Section 2F--Appendix 2F PWD Excerpts 03/02/2017  (3 Files)    
Section 2G--Appendix 2G Desktop Wetland Study 03/02/2017  (9 Files)    
Section 2H--Appendix 2H Raptor Study 03/02/2017  (2 Files)    
Section 3--Appendix 3A NPS Table Figures 03/02/2017  (8 Files)    
Section 3--NPS SF299 Supplemental Narrative 03/02/2017  (2 Files)    
Section 3--Appendix 3B Map Sets 03/02/2017  (6 Files)    
Section 3--Appendix 3C Preliminary Visual Analysis 03/02/2017  (2 Files)    
Section 3--Appendix 3D Noise Analysis 03/02/2017  (2 Files)    
Section 4--BLM SF299 Supplemental Narrative 03/02/2017  (2 Files)    
Section 4--Appendix 4A, BLM Figures 03/02/2017  (5 Files)    
Section 5--USACE Section 404 Permit Application 03/02/2017  (3 Files)    
Section 5A--Appendix 5A Figures 03/02/2017  (7 Files)    
Section 5B--Appendix 5B Application Maps 03/02/2017  (11 Files)    
Section 5C--Appendix 5C Typical Sections 03/02/2017  (2 Files)    
Section 5D--Appendix 5D Land Ownership 03/02/2017 06_Appx 5D_Ownership.pdf (109 KB)     
Section 6--U.S. Coast Guard Bridge Permit Application 03/02/2017  (2 Files)    
Section 6A--USCG Tables 03/02/2017 USCG Tables.pdf (284 KB)     
Section 6B--USCG Waterways 03/02/2017 USCG Waterways.pdf (726 KB)     
Section 6C--USCG Figures and Typicals 03/02/2017 Appendix 6C - Figures and Typicals.pdf (18821 KB)     
Section 6D--USCG Consultation Agency letter 03/02/2017 Appendix 6D - Authorization Letter 9-26-14.pdf (313 KB)     
Section 6E--USCG Summary Report of Coordination 03/02/2017 Appendix 6E - Summary Report of Coordination 04_16_16.pdf (301 KB)     
X PWD Narrative 03/02/2017 __01_PWD NARRATIVE .pdf (352 KB)     
X PWD Appendix A Figures 03/02/2017 appendix_a.pdf (1695 KB)     
X PWD Appendix B Data Sheets 03/02/2017  (5 Files)    
X PWD Appendix C F&V Assessment 03/02/2017  (3 Files)    
X PWD Appendix D Cowardin Maps 03/02/2017  (5 Files)    
X PWD Appendix E Viereck Maps 03/02/2017  (5 Files)