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Proposed Buffalo Horn Land Exchange
The Bureau of Land Management is evaluating a proposed land exchange in Rio Blanco and Moffat counties that could consolidate public lands and increase public access for hunting and other recreation. The BLM will only go forward with a land exchange if it is in the public’s interest.   

Public Comments
The BLM solicited public comments on the preliminary EA  in May/June 2018. Copies of the written public comments that we recieved are available for public review (click on the "Documents" tab of the left-hand navigation pane). The BLM will respond to public comments in an appendix in the final EA, which will be made available when the BLM issues a decision on the proposed land exchange.
Next Steps

Before making a decision, the BLM will respond to public comments and request an appraisal from the Department of the Interior’s Appraisal and Valuation Services Office to determine if an exchange is in the public interest and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations (including that the exchange is of equal value or can be equalized within the regulatory limits (43 CFR 2201.7-1(a)).

Before issuing a decision, the BLM will complete an internal review process which includes reviews by the White River Field Office, Little Snake Field Office, Northwest District Office,
Colorado State Office, Regional Solicitor’s Office, and the Washington Office.

Once a decision is made to either approve or disapprove an exchange proposal, the BLM must publish and distribute a Notice of Decision (43 CFR 2201.7-1). The Notice of Decision will be published in the Rio Blanco Herald Times and Craig Daily Press as a legal notice. In addition, the BLM will notify the project mailing list and issue a press release. (We anticipate issuing a decision in summer/fall of 2019.) The BLM must also notify the Governor at least 60 days prior to conveyance of public lands. 

A protest period is available for 45 days following publication of the Notice of Decision. If protests are received, they are addressed by the State Director. Protests may be raised related to the EA or content in the Decision such as the public interest determination or determination of equal value.

The State Director’s Decision in response to a protest is appealable to the Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) in accordance with 43 CFR 4.410.

                                                                                               Additional Information
Additional information including the preliminary environmental assessment and pictures can be found by clicking on the Documents tab on the menu to the left. Maps can be found on the Maps tab. Answers to frequently asked questions about land exchanges can be found on the FAQs tab.