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How to get Involved 
The Eastern Interior planning process is nearing the end! The remaining opportunity for public participation is the protest period for the Eastern Interior Proposed Resource Management Plan/Final Environmental Impact Statement (PRMP/FEIS). This document, along with information on filing a protest, is available on the Documents & Reports Page.
Public Participation Opportunities

The BLM has provided numerous opportunities for public involvement during the planning process. During the scoping phase, the BLM asked for public input on what issues the Resource Management Plan (RMP) should address. For the Eastern Interior RMP, the BLM held scoping meetings from April through June 2008.

Following completion of the Draft Resource Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (DRMP/DEIS), the BLM made that document available for a public comment period that started with publication of the Environmental Protection Agency's Notice of Availability in the Federal Register on March 2, 2012 and ended on April 11, 2013. The BLM held public meetings in communities throughout the planning area from April through early June 2012. A second round of meetings related to publication of a supplement to the DRMP/DEIS was held from November 2012 through March 2013. These meetings are summarized on the Meetings Page. The BLM published a Federal Register notice on potential changes to areas of critical environmental concern for a 60-day public comment period in January 2015.

Appendix L of the PRMP/FEIS contains summaries of, and the BLM’s responses to, substantive public comments on the DRMP/DEIS, Supplement, and area of critical environmental concern comment period.

The final opportunity for input is the protest period. Pursuant to BLM’s planning regulations at 43 CFR 1610.5-2, any person who participated in the planning process for this RMP and has an interest which is or may be adversely affected by the planning decisions may protest approval of the planning decisions within 30 days from date the Environmental Protection Agency publishes the Notice of Availability in the Federal Register. The protest period ends August 29, 2016. For further information on filing a protest, please see the Dear Reader Letter on the Documents & Reports Page.