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The BLM is pleased to announce that the Records of Decision (RODs) and Approved Resource Management Plans (RMPs) for the four Eastern Interior planning subunits are now available below. A limited number of printed and CD copies are available from the BLM’s Eastern Interior Field Office in Fairbanks and Alaska State Office in Anchorage. You may request copies by phone (907) 474-2200 or by email at EasternInterior@blm.gov

On April 30, 2014, the U.S. Board on Geographic Names officially changed the name of the Black River to Draanjik River. Draanjik is the traditional Gwich'in name for the river and translates as "caches along the river." In the RODs/RMPs, the BLM changed the "Upper Black River Subunit" to the "Draanjik Planning Area," changed all references to the mainstem Black River to Draanjik River, and updated maps to show the new name.

Approved RMPs and Records of Decision
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Draanjik Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan 01/03/2017  (2 Files)
Fortymile Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan 01/03/2017  (2 Files)
Steese Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan 01/03/2017  (2 Files)
White Mountains Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan 01/03/2017  (2 Files)
ROD/RMP Summary Tables 01/25/2017 ROD summarys_final-508.pdf (265 KB) 
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Eastern Interior Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement 02/24/2012 Interactive Document for interactive_final DEIS_final_webPDF  (21780 KB) 
Hardrock Mineral Leasing in the White Mountains National Recreation Area: Supplement to the Eastern Interior Draft RMP/EIS 01/11/2013 Interactive Document for WMNRA_Supplement_Public_interactive_Final_corrected Supplement Final Public Web PDF  (8090 KB) 
Draft RMP/EIS Summaries
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Summary Fortymile Subunit: Eastern Interior Draft RMP/EIS 03/22/2012 Summary_fortymile_final_web  (1521 KB) 
Summary Upper Black River Subunit: Eastern Interior RMP/EIS 03/22/2012 Summary_UBR_final_web  (1080 KB) 
Summary White Mountains Subunit: Eastern Interior RMP/EIS 03/22/2012 Summary_WMNRA_final_web  (1509 KB) 
Summary Steese Subunit: Eastern Interior RMP/EIS 03/22/2012 Summary_steese_final_web  (1603 KB) 
Existing Plans and Background Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Record of Decision, Steese National Conservation Area RMP 02/02/1986 SteeseNCA_ROD_1986.pdf (180 KB) 
Fortymile Management Framework Plan Summary 09/08/1980 Fortymile_MFP_1980.pdf (87 KB) 
Map Steese ROD 02/02/1986 map_steese_ROD.pdf (1437 KB) 
Record of Decision, White Mountains National Recreation Area RMP 02/02/1986 WMNRA_ROD_1986.pdf (161 KB) 
Map White Mountains ROD 02/02/1986 map_WMNRA_ROD.pdf (1675 KB) 
Governor's Consistency Review Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Governor's Consistency Review 01/09/2017  (4 Files)
Management Situation Analysis
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Analysis of Management Situation 09/03/2009 Interactive Document for AMS Interactive 090109 AMS PDF 3 sept 2009  (3293 KB) 
Projected Climate Change Scenarios for the Eastern Interior Management Area 10/16/2009 Eastern_Interior_Management_Area (EIMA)_Climate_Change_508.pdf (6572 KB) 
Mineral Reports
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Leasable Mineral Occurrence and Development Potential Report 09/01/2009 mor40609_leasable_final-web.pdf (6821 KB) 
Locatable Mineral Occurance and Development Potential Report 08/31/2012 EIRMP_MOR_Aug2012_508.pdf (978 KB) 
Locatable MODPR Figures 08/31/2012 EIRMP_MOR_Feb2013_Figures.pdf (30053 KB) 
Locatable MODPR Appendix 08/31/2012 EIRMP_LOC_MODPR_Appendix A_Final.pdf (1125 KB) 
Figure 1 Mineral Occurences, Significant Deposits, Past Lode Producers, and Physiography 08/31/2012 Figure1_OccurrencesPhysiography.pdf (1381 KB) 
Figure 2 Land Status and Mining Claims 08/31/2012 Figure2_LandStat_Claims.pdf (1851 KB) 
Figure 3 Geology and USGS Quadrangle Index 08/31/2012 Figure3_Geology.pdf (2148 KB) 
Figure 4 Placer Occurences and Producing Areas 08/31/2012 Figure4_Placers.pdf (1440 KB) 
Figure 5 Mineral Terranes and Known Mineral Deposit Areas 08/31/2012 Figure5_MineralTerranes.pdf (1476 KB) 
Figure 6 Locatable Mineral Potential 08/31/2012 Figure6_MineralPotential.pdf (1303 KB) 
Proposed Areas of Critical Environmental Concern
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Additional Information Regarding Areas of Critical Environmental Concern 01/02/2015 2015-01-02_MF_FM_ACEC_summary_final.pdf (2822 KB) 
Map - Mosquito Flats Area of Critical Environmental Concern (11x17) 01/17/2014 2014.01.17_Map_Mosquito_ACEC_11x17L.pdf (2532 KB) 
Map - Fortymile Areas of Critical Environmental Concern 01/17/2014 2014.01.17_Map_Fortymile_ACEC_Alt.E.pdf (1188 KB) 
Overiew Map of Both ACECs 01/02/2015 Fortymile_ACECs_overview_map.pdf (302 KB) 
Proposed RMPs and Final Environmental Impact Statement
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Dear Reader Letter 07/29/2016 EIRMP_DearReader_RMP_FINAL-signed 5-23-16.pdf (102 KB) 
Eastern Interior Proposed RMP/Final EIS 07/29/2016 EI_PRMP_all_FINAL_web.pdf (44486 KB) 
Eastern Interior Proposed RMP/Final EIS 07/29/2016 Interactive Document for EI_PRMP_FINAL_interactive
Eastern Interior Proposed RMP/Final EIS map volume 07/29/2016 Vol 4 EIRMP_Final_Print_PART 2-forweb.pdf (52927 KB) 
Public Meeting Posters Compliant
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
ACEC_poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 ACEC_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (125 KB) 
Wilderness_Characteristics_Wild_Scenic_Rivers_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 WC_WSR_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (127 KB) 
Fortymile_Minerals_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 Fortymile_minerals_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (576 KB) 
Fortymile_Travel_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 Fortymile_travel_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (294 KB) 
Steese_Minerals_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 Steese_minerals_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (292 KB) 
Steese_Travel_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 Steese_travel_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (263 KB) 
UBR_Minerals_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 UBR_minerals_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (677 KB) 
UBR_Travel_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 UBR_travel_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (395 KB) 
White_Mts_Travel_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 WM_travel_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (265 KB) 
Public Meeting Posters Non-compliant
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
ACEC_poster 08/28/2012 ACEC_poster_EIRMP.pdf (948 KB) 
Fortymile Travel Poster 08/28/2012 Fortymile_travel_poster_EIRMP.pdf (681 KB) 
Fortymile Minerals Poster 08/28/2012 Fortymile_minerals_poster_EIRMP.pdf (1023 KB) 
Steese Minerals Poster 08/28/2012 Steese_minerals_poster_EIRMP.pdf (548 KB) 
Steese Travel Poster 08/28/2012 Steese_travel_poster_EIRMP.pdf (894 KB) 
Upper Black River Minerals Poster 08/28/2012 UBR_minerals_poster_EIRMP.pdf (1119 KB) 
Upper Black River Travel Poster 08/28/2012 UBR_travel_poster_EIRMP.pdf (1215 KB) 
Wilderness Characteristics and Wild and Scenic Rivers Poster 08/28/2012 WC_WSR_poster_EIRMP.pdf (634 KB) 
White Mountains Travel Poster 08/28/2012 WM_travel_poster_EIRMP.pdf (1579 KB) 
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Public Scoping Report Eastern Interior Resource Mangement Plan 12/31/2008 EIRMP_scoping_report_web.pdf (2116 KB) 
Notice of Intent 02/29/2008 EI_Fed_Reg_Notice_022908.pdf (58 KB) 
Scoping Map 1.1 12/31/2008 scoping_map_1.1_11x17_land_status.pdf (928 KB) 
Scoping Map 1.2 12/31/2008 scoping_map_1.2_11x17_Doyon_priorities.pdf (1047 KB) 
Anchorage Scoping Meeting Summary 04/10/2008 EIRMP_anc_scoping.pdf (82 KB) 
Central Scoping Meeting Summary 05/22/2008 EIRMP central scoping.pdf (75 KB) 
Chalkyitsik Scoping Meeting Summary 05/20/2008 EIRMP_chalk_scoping.pdf (98 KB) 
Chicken Scoping Meeting Summary 06/24/2008 EIRMP_chicken_scoping.pdf (80 KB) 
Delta Scoping Meeting Summary 04/17/2008 EIRMP_delta_scoping.pdf (65 KB) 
Eagle Scoping Meeting Summary 05/08/2008 EIRMP_eagle_scoping.pdf (91 KB) 
Fairbanks Scoping Meeting Summary 04/22/2008 EIRMP_fai_scoping.pdf (101 KB) 
Tok Scoping Meeting Summary 04/16/2008 EIRMP_tok_scoping.pdf (84 KB) 
Wilderness Characteristics Inventory
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Wilderness Characteristics Inventory: Eastern Interior Resource Management Plan 03/14/2012 Interactive Document for EIRMP_WC_inventory_final_interactive EIRMP_WC_inventory_final_web  (3897 KB)