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The Eastern Interior Draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) will provide future direction for 6.7 million acres of public land including the White Mountains National Recreation Area, the Steese National Conservation Area, and the Fortymile area. In addition, it will cover BLM lands not currently included in an existing land use plan: the upper Black River area and scattered parcels along the highway system. The Draft RMP/EIS is available on the Documents & Reports Page. The Wilderness Characteristics Inventory and Executive Summaries of the RMP/EIS for each subunit are also available on the Documents & Reports Page.

When completed and approved, the Eastern Interior RMP will replace three existing BLM land use plans: the White Mountains National Recreation Area RMP (1986), the Steese National Conservation Area RMP (1986), and the Fortymile Management Framework Plan (1980). These and other documents relevant to the Eastern Interior RMP may be found on the Documents & Reports Page. 

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