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The BLM is pleased to announce that the Eastern Interior Proposed Resource Management Plan/Final Environmental Impact Statement (PRMP/FEIS) is now available on the Documents & Reports Page. The BLM prepared the PRMP/FEIS in consultation with cooperating agencies, taking into account public comments received during this planning effort. The Proposed RMP (Alternative E) is largely based on alternatives B and C of the Draft Resource Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (DRMP/DEIS), which was released on February 24, 2012.  The PRMP/FEIS contains the Proposed Plan, a summary of changes made between the DRMP/DEIS and PRMP/FEIS, impacts of the Proposed Plan, a summary of the written and verbal comments received during the public review period for the DRMP/DEIS, and responses to the comments.

The Protest period for the Eastern Interior Proposed Resource Management Plan (RMP) and Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) formally closed on August 29, 2016. The protest process is not a general comment period. Any person who participated in the planning process for this Proposed RMP and has an interest which is or may be adversely affected by the planning decisions could have protested approval of the planning decisions within 30 days from the date the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the Notice of Availability in the Federal Register.

BLM Alaska has received requests to extend the protest period for the Proposed RMP and Final EIS. While we are not able under our regulations to extend the protest period, we will welcome any additional information that groups or individuals would like to provide about the proposed RMP and Final EIS. We should be able to consider any information received in a timely manner before we issue any Record of Decision. In addition to the protest period, the Governor’s 60-day consistency review period is also underway and will end September 28, 2016. During this period the public may submit additional information by any of the following methods:

Email: easterninterior@blm.gov
Fax: 907-474-2282
Mail: Eastern Interior Field Office, Attention - Eastern Interior PRMP/FEIS, Bureau of Land Mangement, 222 University Ave., Fairbanks, Alaska  99709


When completed and approved, the Eastern Interior Resource Management Plan (RMP)  will provide future direction for 6.5 million acres of public land including the White Mountains National Recreation Area, the Steese National Conservation Area, and the Fortymile area. In addition, it will cover BLM lands not currently included in an existing land use plan: the upper Black River area and scattered parcels along the highway system. 

The Eastern Interior RMP will replace three existing BLM land use plans: the White Mountains National Recreation Area RMP (1986), the Steese National Conservation Area RMP (1986), and the Fortymile Management Framework Plan (1980). These and other documents relevant to the Eastern Interior RMP may be found on the Documents & Reports Page. 

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