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NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-CO-S010-2014-0006-EA Status:  Decision and Appeal
Project Name:  Phil's World Non-Motorized Trail System Expansion    
Start Date:  12/15/2014    
End Date:     
Decision Date:  01/06/2018    
Project Description:
An Environmental Assessment (EA) was prepared to disclose and analyze the environmental effects of, and a decision was made to approve, the Phil's World Trail Project proposed by the Southwest Colorado Cycling Association (SWCCA--formerly Kokopelli Bike Club) of Cortez, Colorado. <><><> The Tres Rios Field Office (TRFO) recognizes the distinct recreation niche opportunities and experiences available across the BLM lands of southwest Colorado and has established Special Recreation Management Areas (SRMAs) to guide the management of these areas. One such area is the Cortez SRMA which offers a unique combination of terrain, scenery, and climate allowing for nearly year-round recreation close to towns and surrounded by panoramic backdrops. The relatively small blocks of public land are particularly conducive to stacked non-motorized trail systems (ie, easy trails located close to trailheads and parking, with progressively longer and more challenging trails located further out). The Cortez SRMA is comprised of two Recreation Management Zones (RMZs): 1) the Montezuma Triangle (including Phil's World, Chutes and Ladders, Summit, and Aqueduct) and 2) Mud Springs. The Montezuma Triangle RMZ is managed to primarily target local hikers, runners, and mountain bikers wanting to participate in human-powered recreation activities within a short commuting distance of town. <><><> Phil's World currently consists of approximately 27 miles of single track trails across both BLM and State managed lands. Recorded visitor use from October 2014 through September 2015 was 17,754 visitors based on trail counter data. <><><> The current trailhead is located on leased State land and consists of a parking area that can accommodate approximately 60 vehicles. The trail system on both BLM and State land is directional (meaning that all bicycle riding is conducting in one direction; clockwise). The trails on BLM land are open to all non-motorized single track trail use (hiking, equestrian, and biking), though the predominant use is by mountain bikers. <><><> The purpose of and need for the proposed action is to provide the benefits associated with a single track trail system across an identified portion of the Phil's World RMZ that does not currently provide these opportunities. The project will provide a system of trails within the RMZ that is sustainable, ecologically sensitive, and meets the recreation setting objectives identified in the Tres Rios RMP (February 2015). These objectives include: 1) expanding non-motorized trail opportunities; 2) dispersing use; and 3) and linking communities to each other and to isolated parcels of public lands while retaining the areas predominantly natural appearing landscape. The need for the proposed action was to respond to a request by SWCCA to implement the objectives of RMZ identified above.
Project Location:
The Phil's World area is comprised of approximately 2,400 acres of BLM public land and 730 acres of Department of Colorado State land (leased by SWCCA). The area is located approximately 3 miles east of Cortez, Colorado, primarily between Highway 160 and Montezuma County Road M (with approximately 400 acres north of Road M in Simon Draw). The trail system is accessed from County Road 30.1 at Highway 160.
Project Lead:  Jeff Christenson    
Phone Number:  (970) 882-6811    
Email Address:  jchristenson@blm.gov    
Office(s):  Tres Rios FO Lead Office:  Tres Rios FO
Counties:  Montezuma    
Program(s):  Recreation and Visitor Services Subprogram(s):  Trails and Travel Management

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Notice of Availability 01/10/2018 2018-0110 Phils World Trail Project EA Notification.pdf (212 KB)     
Final Environmental Assessment 01/06/2018 2014-06 EA Phils World Trail Project Final 2018-0106.pdf (3635 KB)     
Decision Record 01/06/2018 2014-06 EA Phils World Trail Project Decision Record 2018-0106.pdf (5861 KB)     
Finding of No Significant Impact 01/06/2018 2014-06 EA Phils World Trail Project Finding of No Significant Impact 2018-0106.pdf (159 KB)     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Notice of Availability with Alternative B Map 08/29/2016 14-06 EA Phils World Trail Preliminary NOA ALTB Map 2016-0829.pdf (2342 KB)     
Preliminary Environmental Assessment 08/29/2016 14-06 EA Phils World Trail Preliminary 2016-0829.pdf (3645 KB)     
Alternative B Map 08/29/2016 14-06 EA Phils World Trail Map Preliminary ALTB.png (489 KB)     
Alternative C Map 08/29/2016 14-06 EA Phils World Trail Map Preliminary ALTC.png (469 KB)     
Alternative D Map 08/29/2016 14-06 EA Phils World Trail Map Preliminary ALTD.png (461 KB)     
Privacy Rights for Comment Submissions 09/21/2016 14-06 EA Phil World Trail Preliminary PrivacyRightsNotification 2016-0921.pdf (471 KB)     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Scoping Notice 12/15/2014 14-06 EA Phils World Trail Scoping Notice 2014-1215.pdf (227 KB)     
Project Update 05/01/2015 14-06 EA Phils World Trail Project Update 2015-0501.pdf (103 KB)     

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