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NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-WY-D030-2015-0221-EIS Status:  Final EIS (non LUP)
Project Name:  Lost Creek Uranium Mine modification-expansion    
Start Date:  09/23/2014    
End Date:  03/15/2019    
Decision Date:  03/15/2019    
Project Description:
The Lost Creek East amendment would increase the areal extent of mining in the HJ Horizon and vertically expand mining into the next deeper mineralized sandstone, the KM Horizon, within the existing Lost Creek ISR Project area. The amendment would also expand uranium ISR into an area east of and contiguous with the existing Lost Creek ISR Project area, referred to as the LCE expansion area. Both the KM and HJ horizons would be mined within the LCE expansion area. The LCE expansion area would add approximately 5,751 acres to the existing Lost Creek ISR Project area of approximately 4,254 acres for a combined project area of 10,005 acres. The amendment would add up to 1,415 acres of surface disturbance within the project area (existing Lost Creek ISR Project area and proposed LCE expansion area) over the life of the project. Lastly, the amendment would increase the authorized annual yellowcake production rate to 2.2 million pounds per year. LCI is currently authorized by NRC to produce up to 2 million pounds of yellowcake per year. The BLM is working on an EIS for the Lost Creek East project. The public comment period on the Draft EIS was open from August 31st thru COB October 15th. There was a public meeting at the Rawlins Field Office September 11th. The Final EIS Federal Register notification was published on December 28, 2018 by EPA. Due to the government shutdown the Final EIS was not posted in ePlanning in December. The document is now available on ePlanning and the 30 day availability period has started with an end date of February 28, 2019. The Record of Decision is anticipated to be signed following the 30 day availability period. Record of Decision (ROD) was signed March 15, 2019. The Decision is in full and effect. The signed ROD is located in the Documents section under Record of Decision.
Project Location:
The Lost Creek Uranium project is located in Sweetwater County roughly 40 miles northwest of Rawlins, Wyoming. The majority of the project area is located on federal surface and the remainder is located on State surface.
Project Lead:  Annette Treat    
Phone Number:  307-328-4314    
Email Address:  atreat@blm.gov    
Office(s):  Rawlins FO Lead Office:  Rawlins FO
Counties:  Sweetwater    
Program(s):  Mining Subprogram(s):  Non-Energy Leasable Minerals

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Scoping Report 05/23/2018 Lost Creek KM LCE EIS Scoping Report.pdf (42331 KB)     
LostCreekScopingPosters_10142015 10/14/2015 LostCreekScopingPosters_10142015.pdf (3031 KB)     
LostCreekScopingPPT_10142015 10/14/2015 LostCreekScopingPPT_10142015.pdf (2282 KB)     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V8b_ML14281A523 09/23/2014 LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V8b_ML14281A523.pdf (41067 KB)     
LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V8a_ML14279A337 09/23/2014 LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V8a_ML14279A337.pdf (17301 KB)     
LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V7cont_ML14279A392 09/23/2014 LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V7cont_ML14279A392.pdf (33069 KB)     
LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V7_ML14279A391 09/23/2014 LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V7_ML14279A391.pdf (48563 KB)     
LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V8e_ML14282A088 09/23/2014 LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V8e_ML14282A088.pdf (34596 KB)     
LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V8d_ML14282A112 09/23/2014 LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V8d_ML14282A112.pdf (25854 KB)     
LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V8c_ML14282A107 09/23/2014 LostCreekEastPermitApplication_V8c_ML14282A107.pdf (36997 KB)     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Lost_Creek_Federal_Register_Notice 09/14/2015 LostCreekNOI_2015-23059.pdf (213 KB)     
LCM_News_ReleaseFEIS_012819 01/28/2019 LCM_News_ReleaseFEIS_012819.pdf (65 KB)     

04_Draft EIS
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Draft EIS Lost Creek ISR Project Modifications 08/31/2018 Draft EIS Lost Creek ISR Project Modifications.pdf (12464 KB)     

05 Final EIS
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
FINAL_EIS_Lost_Creek_ISR_Project_Modification_Dec2018 01/28/2019 FINAL_EIS_Lost_Creek_ISR_Project_Modification_Dec2018.pdf (9373 KB)     
Lost Creek existing boundary 01/30/2019  (5 Files)    
Lost Creek East Expansion 01/30/2019  (5 Files)    
Lost Creek DEIS comment letters 02/01/2019  (7 Files)    

Record of Decision
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Lost Creek Modification ROD 03/19/2019 LostCreekUraniumMineModificationROD-Signed03152019.pdf (1122 KB)     

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